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Be' Trice, is an Entrepreneur, Author and Bible Teacher. 

Be 'Trice started her business in her home during Jr. High School. She attended Southwest Community College of Memphis and took art courses from the Art Institutes International of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In August 1987 she opened her first business, Master Needles Alteration & Tailoring Shoppe. 

Be' Trice lives in Bartlett, Tn. She operates Master Needles, in Memphis, TN.


Be'Trice is also owner of "GoHeirs Christian T-Shirts & Etc," www.GoHeirs.com

 Be’Trice is a Christian Bible Teacher and an insightful prolific writer. Being overwhelmed by a beautiful lesson she wrote in her quiet time during the fall of 2003, she asked,

“Lord, how can I share all these beautiful truths

that have been poured into me over the years?”

Immediately, she heard these gentle soft words:   

“Put it in a book. That’s your biggest audience.

There are people who will not read the Bible,  

even some in the church, but they will read a book.”    

In 2004, “GAD” meaning “Destiny” was birthed. The first of  her 5 part series was released on April 6, 2010. “God’s Appointed Destiny Series #1, (Life, a Preplanned Destiny”), is very insightful concerning the purpose, pleasures and pains of LIFE. It profoundly reveals the Sovereignty of the Almighty God over people, nations, governments, wars, wealth and even the wicked and the Lord's immeasurable love, provision and destiny for YOU.

​Be' Trice has spent countless of hours working on her books. Her intimate, deep and thought provoking writings, usher you right into the heart and mind of God. Her wise and loving expressive writings shows  that the "Word of God" is indeed the answer to understanding all about Life, Love and LORD. 

Be'Trice inspires and encourages people to really pursue a more meaningful relationship with our loving Creator God and Father, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit; To become intimate with His word and plans for our lives and about the all the wonderful things He has in store for all those who love and obey Him. Her messages encourage and warns the people of God to raise the bar in living a godly life; To revere God more and keep His commands, which is our entire duty in life and where true happiness is found.

 Be'Trice has written a series of book that are waiting to be polished and published: Series topics to follow:

"Destiny Hidden In A Name"

"Determined to Fulfil the Mission"

"Who Can Find A Faithful Man?"

"Tell Victoria the Secret is OUT"

"A Jewell Worth Waiting For"

"From Rhinestones to Diamonds & Now More Precious Than Rubies" 

(Moving women from low self-esteem to beyond priceless)

"The Last Subpoena" are all awaiting their appointed time to be polished and published.


"Pray Through The Bible From Genesis to Revelation" for leaders.

"Pray Through The Bible From Genesis to Revelation" for teens.

"Pray Through The Bible From Genesis to Revelation" for children,

are also a part of her future collection of books.

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